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You don’t have to be RICH to live comfortably, so why not manage the money you have? Are you starting your financial journey or contemplating how to manage debt and build wealth, then this book is for you? The relatable personal stories and multiple tips in the 9 Strategies to Manage Your Money will help you attain the financial wellness you seek. Learn how to stop living paycheck to paycheck, pay off debt(s), build your credit, save an emergency fund, and start your stock portfolio. The easy-to-follow steps will guide you toward managing your money and identifying those spending habits that may hinder you from reaching your lifestyle goals. Most importantly, by incorporating these new money habits, you can become the best financial advocate for your future self and your family.

This guide will take you on a journey of challenges and solutions while igniting your commitment toward obtaining your lifestyle goals! Whether you’re in college, a Millennial just adulting, Generation X thinking about retirement, or checking on your financial wellness. Start creating your financial savings plan, sidestep those financial hiccups, and maintain your future financial wellness today! The real-life examples and financial terms delivered in actionable strategies show you how to manage, save, and invest your money consistently. Above all, the concepts will give you options for eliminating your money worries or stress that can sometimes keep you in the same destructive cycle.

Here is an overview of the following tips and strategies:

  • Giving yourself an allowance can help you manage a satisfying budget without denying yourself.
  • Avoid marketing spending traps with new spending habits and budget plans.
  • Stop living paycheck to paycheck on purpose with strategies for lowering recurring expenses.
  • Know the credit and credit card usage rules that raise your credit score.
  • Interest-free student loan repayment planning.
  • Ways to grow your emergency fund savings for current and future goals.
  • How to create your stock portfolio.
  • Things to understand when you select stocks.
  • More women should build personal stock portfolios too!

Start creating your financial savings plan, sidestep those financial hiccups, and maintain your future financial wellness!

Title: 9 Strategies to Manage Your Money:

A Guide to Creating Financial Freedom

Publisher: Dollar-Strategies, Dumfries, Virginia

Pages: 100

ISBN# 979-8-9870414-0-6 (Paperback)

ISBN# 979-8-9870414-1-3 (eBook)

Library of Congress Control Number: 2022951733

Publication Date: March 3, 2023

Price: Print – $19.99, eBook – $9.99

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3 reviews for Author Signed Paperback Book – 9 Strategies to Manage Your Money

  1. Deb Paschke (verified owner)

    I had the pleasure of reviewing an advanced copy of 9 Strategies to Manage Your Money and I have to say–it got my attention!  Sheila’s book is an easy read filled with so much financial information on budgets, how to pay off debts, credit cards, how to save money, investing strategies, college loans, and so much more. Sheila takes you through the steps and makes suggestions while providing you her personal experiences over the years. Don’t let what you don’t know stop you from achieving your financial goals. The best way to get something done is to start, and with Sheila’s financial guidance book you will get through it and your dreams can be achieved. Sheila is helping me attain my financial goals for my future self–she can do the same for you!  

    • Sheila Searcy (verified owner)

      Thank You, Deb for your kind words! I so happy that you find the strategies beneficial. -Sheila

  2. Sheila Searcy (verified owner)

    BookLife-Editor’s Pick review Takeaway: This hands-on guide to building financial freedom is keyed into the challenges of today.
    You can read more here:

  3. Cynthia Spears (verified owner)

    Sheila has mastered the art of teaching many financial lessons while telling real-life stories. She has helped the average person, who may have an interest in finances and stock, by presenting the information in layman’s terms.

    As someone who has always been intimidated by finances and stocks, this book is just what I need to get on the right track financially, by truly understanding how the processes of paying off bills, saving for the future, and investing in HSAs and stocks work. I can admit that I never thought all of these things were possible to accomplish at the same time, until now.

    The book empowers me to get serious about straightening out my finances because…I can. Instead of looking at debt as a part of life (like death and taxes), I now know how to clear my debt, make money with a passive income, and have money in my pocket, again, all at the same time.

    The stories are very relatable, which enable me to envision myself accomplishing many of the steps she suggests. I am excited about using the charts included in the book and starting on my road to financial freedom.

    I am excited about putting these plans into action!

    Thanks Sheila!

    • Sheila Searcy (verified owner)

      Thank you, Cynthia! I’m so happy you found the information in the book helpful and most importantly, there are strategies that will help you on your financial journey!

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