Coaching Session- 90-day Financial Wellness that will Increase Your Savings



During the 12 one-hour weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions, I will help you create a master action plan to accomplish your financial goals. These personalized strategies will walk you through taking control of your finances and how to create a solid financial foundation and wealth. If you need investment and budgeting techniques geared toward lowering your household expenses, and ways to eliminate your debt while increasing your savings, I’m here to help. The goal is to show you how to be the best financial planner for your future self! The decision, mindset, and choice are yours. After completing the accountability tasks, you will immediately see ways to maintain or improve your lifestyle and find the financial freedom you seek.

I know everyone is busy, but I think our finances should come first! You can also register for 1-hour monthly sessions if that better suits your schedule.

Payment Plan Options Available



With this offer you will also receive a copy of the 9 Strategies to Manage Your Money Book – while quantities last! After purchase you will also receive the Coaching Agreement via email.

Session Example

1. Discover Problem


7. Build an emergency fund


2. Why we have a problem


8. Complete your estate planning


3. Create Strategies


9. Prioritize your bucket list/Build New habits


4. Create a budget/investment plan- Follow-up


10. Let’s Review Progress/ How does it feel?


5.  Change mindset/Follow-up


11. Create structures to plan to stay on track.


6.  Retool your investments/ Savings


12. Celebrate Client Wins


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